• Drumming, percussion and piano lessons
  • Performing Jazz and Classic compositions with Gunther Kamp's percussion ensemble, Ravensburg
  • Impressed by Jean Michel Jarre, Yello and the work of Conny Plank with bands like Ultravox
  • Drawing comics and cartoons that are published in local newspapers and fanzines like "Rammbock"
  • Acquiring a Roland Alpha-Juno synthesizer
  • Playing drums with "Spirit of Bela"


  • Attending the Stuttgart Media University
  • Internship as an illustrator at PubliGraphics, Cairo
  • Acquiring an Ensoniq ASR-10 sampler
  • Performance art with "Boleo 55", Stuttgart
  • Scoring for the slide show "Die Tränen und das Lachen des Eros" by Zbyszek Travinski, performed in Stuttgart, Munich, Frankfurt and Berlin
  • Studying shamanic drumming and rituals



  • Acquiring the Korg Wavedrum and a Roland MC-303 groovebox
  • Playing drums with "Julee Vieh", Berlin
  • Technotrance productions with Simon Thaur, Kitkat Club, Berlin
  • Composing and performing with "Atelier Theremin" at venues as "Roter Salon" and "Volksbühne"
  • CD production "Atelier Theremin" at Berlin University of the Arts


  • CD-Rom production "The Time Machine"
  • Acquiring Emagic Logic and starting to work with software synthesizers
  • Founding "motionscreen - Atelier für Netzerlebnisse" for the creation of Flash animations and games as well as soundtracks for digital applications
  • Music performance "Rooms of Consciousness" in an old energy plant



  • Re-establishing “Spirit of Bela” as a session band
  • Studying harmonics at the Jazz school, Munich
  • Instructing band workshops and performances at
    different community gatherings
  • Playing keyboards and synthesizers with “Blacktune”
  • CD production “Karma Journey” 



  • Contributing drums, synthesizers, loops, mixes and re-mixes to the yearly "Spirit of..." sessions
  • Drumming ensemble with Kim Azas
  • Part of Munich's electronic live music ensemble "Ambiosonics" with Florian Anwander and others since session 86
  • Acquiring Maschine, Ableton and a ton of software synths and starting to produce dance music
  • Attending the Marc Romboy Masterclass at School of Sound, Zurich and Electronic Music Production at SAE Institute, Munich


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